Sea Pearl Projesi

We are highly proud to be a part of the most prestigious and significant projects. It is our honour to benefit with the satisfaction of our valuable partners.

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Sea Pearl Projesi

Sea Pearl Projesi

ATC Online Eğitim ve Seminerleri
ATC Online Eğitim ve Seminerleri

ATC Online Eğitim ve Seminerleri

In spite of the COVID-19, with its dramatically impact to entire life cycle, we as ATC Air Trade Centre are actively continuing trainings and seminars to our team.

Customer Satisfaction

At ATC Air Trade Centre, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and expertise to our customers. Find out what they think based on confidential survey.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Mostra Convegno Milano

Update : With the recent development of the coronavirus outbreak in Italy, MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition is initially sheduled from 17-20 March have been decided to reschedule to September 8 – 11, 2020

We welcome you to the ATC Air Trade Centre booth at this year’s early spring exhibition in Europe at 42nd MOSTRA CONVEGNO EXPOCOMFORT (MCE). It will be our pleasure to show our latest technology and innovations.

The entire spectrum of technologies to be presented, during this event, which is oriented and designed to create the best comfort conditions by managing all factors related to health and wellness. Advanced systems, energy-efficient and integrated, with a strong renewable component to guarantee both pleasant and productive, but also safe and sustainable environments while also providing a variety of solutions to meet the latest needs of plants design, installation and management.

Considering to the fact that nowadays peoples spend their time mostly indoor encapsulated, health of the indoor climate is the key protagonist for the sustainable well-being, quality life cycle and production process. Although one of the youngest manufacturers in this industry, ATC Air Trade Centre is highly aware that indoor environment has a significant impact on human health and environmental issues. Therefore designing reliable and high quality products are our core value. The main guiding concept in the development of its units is ‘HEALTH OF THE INDOOR CLIMATE’.

During upcoming MCE event ATC Air Trade Centre will be showcasing its innovative units and solutions:

  • ATC Heat Recovery Unit Mergen – Innovation Unit for Energy Recuperation
  • ATC Air Handling Unit – Most Economical, Efficient and Reliable System Solution
  • ATC Dehumidifier Air Handling Unit – Plug & Play Best Solution for Indoor Ventilation
  • ATC Car Park Ventilation System – Turnkey Service for Life Safety

The main features of the units and solutions: low leakage, heat recovery, energy-efficient motors, intelligent control technology and many others.

We invite you to discover the world of ATC Air Trade Centre at the Mostra Convegno, held between 08-11 September 2020 in Milan.


Mostra Convegno Milano

Mostra Convegno Milano

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ATC Air Trade Centre
Tel : + 90 (0) 212 283 45 10

“We, as ATC Air Trade Centre, are the company that always aimed and considered the prestigious projects“

2019 was actually very interesting year. In spite of the all difficulties, sectorial pressure and a shrinking local market, we as ATC Air Trade Centre, kept up with our investment in our plant, new machinery, peoples and sales & marketing. Our aim for the 2019 was to turn the downtrend into an opportunity. 

Thanks to our carefully thought out strategy and financial focus, we did not only maintain our investments during this year, but also increased our export activities and to conclude a strong positive year in turnover as well a small profit. It all resulted in new product development, creating new job opportunities, achieving higher quality standards (Eurovent Certificate our AHU to T2 / TB2), launching our own produced ATC JetFan (F300 / 2H Fire rated), moved to the a new (state of the art) production facility. 

While main players went through a big struggle, need to cut the cost and bring back investments, we are felt confident to do it the other way and keep considering new opportunities, projects, add new partners and maintain our investments. We also put extra care to keep up with the time, thus we completely renewed our digital platforms and prepare the needed documentation to support our future activities local, but more over internationally. 

We strongly believe that all these actions, steps and the whole strategy will make our company and our brand stronger and more competitive in Turkey as well Globally. 

During 2019 we have finished our innovative Light Commercial Heat Recovery Unit named Mergen and launched by March at the ISH Exhibition in Germany. Thanks to its strong futures (high efficiency, low energy consumptions, plug & play, easy regulation, ERP 2018 compatible), the interest for partnership has been overwhelming since then. 2019 was the year of laying our future foundation for further growth and internationalization. It has helped us to start export activities to European countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK& Ireland), North (Mexico) and South America (Colombia), Africa (Algeria, Senegal, Niger, Nigeria).

Considering our main strategy, we are targeting to increase our growth with the partners made over 2019, as well adding 5 more export countries mainly to the West. We will concentrate to maintain and increase the positive awareness of ATC Air Trade Centre as company and ATC as brand. While keeping the path for the AHU’s & HRU’s development, we will also introduce our Car Park Ventilation System – the innovative ATC’s turnkey solutions for life safety applications! To support our export activities we are targeting our second international office in a European country, next to this year’s new opened ATC Air Trade Centre Azerbaijan Company. 

According to our forecast and analysis, 2020 will still be a quite difficult year, but in spite of this we will continue our investments into our production, innovations, peoples, sustainability and quality. Quality, increase in production capacity, adding strong professionals, are points we will prioritize to support us to reach our future targets and position ourselves for after 2020. With all these actions we trust, we will maintain our position and strength it even more. We do plan to continue being the company to consider for prestigious projects, the way we did over the last years and as highlight this years– marvelous project in Ankara as a sample.

During 2019 we participated at 4 exhibitions such as ISH Frankfurt, The Big Show Oman, AquaTherm Baku and of course the ISK Sodex in Istanbul. During 2020 we will continue our investments in marketing and presenting our ATC branded units on the global arenas. Mostra Convegno exhibition – one of the most important global event in HVAC sector, will be held in Milan in March 2020, symbolizes the fullest synthesis of solutions for indoor environment comfort. ATC Air Trade Centre will present its latest technologies at MCE and we will be very happy to make everybody welcome to share our valuable knowledge.  Beyond 2020 we consider also to spread our wings and take part at The Big 5 in Dubai as well the ASHRAE in the USA.

Aqua Therm Bakü

ATC Air Trade Centre will be showcasing its latest technology and innovations at Aqua Therm Baku / Baku Expo Center, an important exhibition for HVAC sector professionals.

We invite you to discover the World of ATC Air Trade Centre at Hall 2 – A2308.

ATC Fuar Görseli

ATC Air Trade Centre will be showcasıng its latest technology and innovations at this year’s autumn exhibition s in Istanbul and Baku.

Leading the market by providing durable HVAC solutions, developing and manufacturing of energy efficient and high quality air handling units as well as other related products, ATC will be showcasing its latest technology and innovations at these year’s autumn exhibitions in Istanbul and Baku. Customers can discover the world of ATC at the ISK
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ISK Sodex

ATC Air Trade Centre will be showcasing its latest technology and innovations at ISK SODEX Istanbul, an important exhibition for HVAC sector professionals.

We invite you to discover the World of ATC Air Trade Centre at Hall 2 # A02.

Türkiye Uganda İş Forumu

In July ATC Air Trade Centre participated to the Turkey-Uganda Business Forum and B2B Meetings organized by DEIK. With high interest from different sectors, Forum was opened by President of Uganda Business Council Mr. Ercan Ata and Ankara Uganda Ambassador Mr. Stephen Mubiru.
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This year ATC Air Trade Centre again has been awarded by Air Conditioning Industry Exporters Association (İSİB), the traditional Successful Exporters Awards, because of its high export performance during 2018.